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    Integration of business opportunities development, sales management,
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    Mobile CRM standardizes sales process ,Save customer cost,
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Platform support business empowerment

Connected crm has highly flexible scalability and can easily meet the individual business needs of various enterprises

SaaS platform

Jianxin CRM Cloud Platform Online Office Empowers Enterprise Basic Management and Collaborates with All Mobile Innovation Capabilities.


PaaS platform

Online business office system generation platform, docking with third-party systems, and easily configuring corporate business processes.


Privatization deployment

Assist enterprise customers to complete the cloud transformation and meet the enterprise's needs for security, compliance and privacy.


CRM Product System


Reduce customer chuZ`rn rate


Reduce business office costs


Improve work efficiency


Increase enterprise sales

About Jianxin

about us

The enterprise sales promotion SMS software is a service provider based on cloud computing technology to provide mobile, digital and intelligent comprehensive information solutions for enterprises.

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Focusing on the marketing, consulting, research, implementation, training and service of enterprise management software (CRM / HRM / OA / ERP), it is committed to providing one-stop enterprise service solutions for global enterprises.

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