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Sales process management, internal office approval, knowledge sharing, announcement release; simplify office process, improve efficiency, shorten sales cycle, make sales management more scientific and simple.

Product function

Work log

Weekly, monthly and annual work achievements, summarize the experience of growth, and arrange the overall plan for the next step briefly;Can check the work of subordinates, insight into the work progress of organization members, find problems, and guide at any time;

Through the comment function, you can talk about your opinions or different opinions, or suggest solutions to the content shared in the daily reports of colleagues. In fact, helping others is also to make your own ideas clearer.

Announcement notice

New recruits, important enterprise news and notices will be announced at any time. The content supports rich text editing. After publishing, the workbench will be placed on the top, and the publicity period can be set freely;

The notice check function and the read person display can provide a detailed understanding of the receipt and delivery of the company's notices by employees, and the receipt function makes the communication situation clear at a glance.

Schedule management

Keep a record of what you need to do or remember your thoughts at any time, arrange a day for it on a regular basis, cooperate with other colleagues and communicate with superior and subordinate supervisors in a timely manner;

Help to set up daily related work plans. Work plans may come from: your own tasks, project tasks, and other colleagues' assignments are all arranged in a graphical schedule.

knowledge management

Establish a unified knowledge network disk of the team, accumulate the knowledge and experience in the process of precipitation work, innovate, share and make full use of all staff, so as to form a team cooperation center based on documents such as copywriting, planning and scheme;

Knowledge dry goods, experience sharing, real-time transmission of the latest information, building an enabling "ecosystem" of shared learning.

Attendance management

Based on the geographical location of mobile phone sign in and sign out, combined with the enterprise commuting time, automatically form the work attendance track of team members;

One key export of attendance report, attendance, leave, automatic summary; business trip, through the mobile phone statistics, you can also know the team status at any time.

Examination and approval management

Customize the approval process, perfectly adapt to the business characteristics of the enterprise, automatically remind the approval node, improve the efficiency of mobile approval, and achieve efficient collaboration anytime and anywhere;

The data of leave, business trip, field work and overtime can be viewed at any time, and the organization's human efficiency can be seen at a glance. The data is associated with attendance, and the attendance report can be exported with one key, which saves time and effort in calculating wages.

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