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Customized development of CRM system,Applicable to all walks of life,Accurately locate customer needs, evaluate the feasibility and difficulty of the project,Then provide the most appropriate solution to the customer.

Product function

Custom design

Senior Product Manager and your one-to-one customized communication needs, according to the needs of your enterprise and industry characteristics to design your system;

Multi platform use

Mobile terminal and PC end share database, PC website background unified management, Internet, LAN can be used, highly flexible and expandable management platform;

The system flexible

Our code is to pursue more perfect, flexible background configuration, into the customer application practice, convenient operation, better user experience.

Multi industry customized CRM

Jianxin software has served more than 100 industries and can provide diversified customized CRM solutions for enterprises.

More Customized

Customized service process

Professional product design and technology R & D team, rigorous and complete quality management system.

Demand communication

Project planning

Interaction design

Visual creativity

Front end production

Technology development

Test feedback

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