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Sales process management, internal office approval, knowledge sharing, announcement release; simplify office process, improve efficiency, shorten sales cycle, make sales management more scientific and simple.

Product function

Intelligent customer acquisition

Connect online and offline marketing channels, conduct marketing promotion with multiple contacts, and automatically obtain sales leads; import market activity data with one key, follow up the transformation in the whole process, and continuously optimize and improve the marketing effect;

Wechat service number, SMS one-stop push, push effect real-time feedback, effectively improve the opening rate, registration rate.

Intelligent business card

Employee exclusive small program marketing card, through product trial, article promotion, activity invitation and other applications, fission communication, easy access to potential users;

Personal business cards and corporate image are fully displayed, real-time grasp of enterprise consultation, accurate analysis of customer portraits, calculation of transaction rate by intelligent marketing funnel, and more efficient marketing.

Intelligent form

The intelligent form is used to realize the functions of questionnaire survey, customer feedback, data reporting, etc;

Free creation, link sharing, QR code sharing, exquisite poster sharing and other efficient collection methods;Real time online statistics of recovered data, graphical display and intuitive presentation of data results.

Intelligent clues

Personalized customized rating rules for clue scoring, automatic classification of clues, making clue follow-up more reliable;

Personalized customized rating rules for clue scoring, automatic classification of clues to make the follow-up of clues more reliable; in each stage and key node of the customer's life course, set up automatically triggered marketing actions to continuously cultivate clues and improve the conversion rate of clues.

3 accounts free trial , Realize business growth immediately.