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Automatic sales management scheme

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Sales process management, internal office approval, knowledge sharing, announcement release; simplify office process, improve efficiency, shorten sales cycle, make sales management more scientific and simple.

Product function

Customer management

360 ° panoramic portrait of customers, efficient identification, management and analysis of clues; from the collection, distribution, follow-up to transformation, the whole process can be traced, and the marketing strategy can be accurately corrected;

The system will automatically generate the corresponding contact list, including the situation to be contacted today, to be contacted tomorrow, to delay contact, etc., to help the sales to establish a proper sense of goal every day and improve the follow-up efficiency.

Customer pool management

One click to transfer customers, customer source analysis and follow-up process control are easier;Establish intelligent contact reminder, system message real-time reminder;

The customer pool can be collected and allocated in batches to support the export of customer data; when the amount of data is large, you can find the required customer information through the filtering function.

Customers nearby

Through the customer address to obtain the specific location of the customer, the sales personnel go out to visit a customer, then they can search the nearby customers to continue to visit;

Reminder function: after the sales personnel arrive at a certain location, if there are related customers nearby, the sales personnel will be automatically reminded to contact;

Contact manager

Establish intelligent contact reminder rules to facilitate timely follow-up of business personnel;Detailed management of customer contact classification, for different customers, it may be necessary to connect with multiple people ;

Customer follow-up process is fully recorded and automatically accumulated into customer files and sales experience, which is convenient for historical content search and review.

Opportunity management

From clues, business opportunities, orders to payment collection, real-time tracking can realize the automation and refinement management of the whole sales process;

Customized visual sales funnel, controlled sales rhythm, sales efficiency can be analyzed, sales performance can be predicted; superior perspective of all business opportunities of subordinates, timely adjustment of work, reasonable allocation of resources.

Contract management

The whole life cycle process management is carried out from the contract signing, execution, billing, payment collection and filing;The contract is associated with the approval, and the mobile terminal submits it anytime and anywhere to view the progress of the approval process;

Multi period invoice collection plan can be set to control the payment collection rhythm, ensure the orderly implementation of the contract, and avoid forgetting the situation of slow payment.

Financial management

The flexible configuration of order and payment collection helps enterprises realize the data docking from CRM to ERP, achieving a practical and unified business closed loop; order creation and flexible change, and historical data traceability ensure product delivery and data accuracy;

Collection and overdue management, collection, Dunning, refund to complete the last step of the transaction.

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