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Sales process management, internal office approval, knowledge sharing, announcement release; simplify office process, improve efficiency, shorten sales cycle, make sales management more scientific and simple.

Product function

Digital management

It is convenient and efficient to fully connect manufacturers, dealers and stores, self-service order and online payment; one click Import of market activity data, follow up the transformation in the whole process, and continuously optimize and improve the marketing effect;

Field & visit sales management, accurately grasp the store dynamic and competitive product information, and adjust the operation strategy in real time.

Integrated management

Standardized registration, audit and certification, integrated agent management platform to ensure enterprise brand and word-of-mouth;

Joint follow-up of business opportunities, approval of special price, sharing of information and resources, efficient cooperation to improve the winning rate of business opportunities; setting sales targets of channel partners, comprehensive insight into channel data, customization and implementation of personalized channel strategy.

performance management

Set annual, quarterly and monthly targets and incentive system to drive terminal stores to continuously improve sales performance;

Real time statistics of target completion progress, multi-dimensional visual comparative analysis of channel performance, personalized support strategy;

Office collaboration

The enterprise's notice is sent by one button, and the reading status is clear at a glance. The unread personnel are reminded by SMS and phone with one button to ensure the notice is delivered in place;

Support cross enterprise real-time communication, initiate single person or group dialogue with one button, establish portable communication network between enterprises, and efficiently solve business problems of enterprises.

Inventory management

According to the business model, set up the product channel management process to realize the whole process control of all kinds of products from distributors to terminal stores;

With the real-time synchronization of inventory information, dealers can purchase goods in time according to the inventory, flexibly adjust the inventory strategy, and support the setting of regional warehouses to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution.

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